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Puppy Care Tips

At the airport: 

When you get off the plane with your puppy, try to find a safe place for puppy to go “potty”. When you get to your car if your puppy seems stressed from the trip, put two small drops of honey or Karo Syrup (light not dark) on the tip of your finger and gently rub on tongue or gums. Do not give him more than two small drops. Another option which I use most is Nutri-Cal Puppy bought at most pet supply stores. Give him (½”) on your finger it is a paste, see if he will lick it off if not gently place on roof of his mouth. Next offer him a drink of water or Gatorade (use Gatorade only in very stressful situations or if puppy is sick not daily), if he won’t drink you can use a clean syringe (needle removed) gently squirt small amount in his mouth, gradually he should start drinking. This ensures he has fluids after the flight. Have an extra dry clean small blanket or towel encase of your puppy soiling his bedding during the trip.

When you arrive home:

1. When you get home offer water. If he doesn’t drink you can use the syringe again (remember needle removed). Make sure he is getting some fluids.

2. Offer food. See item 5. We feed Diamond brand Puppy Food on the purple bag. 

3. Make sure your puppy isn’t exposed to hot or cold temperatures, remember he is still a baby and could get sick.

4. Give puppy time to get use to his new surroundings. Most puppies are up and running within a day or two.

5. We now feed Diamond brand Puppy Food on the purple bag. (I send home a smaple of this food with your puppy.)

Or you can choose:

Costco Puppy Food: Chicken rice and vegetables if you do not have access to Costco use,  Nutro Natural Choice Puppy Dry (chicken meal, rice and oatmeal) they have two kinds. If your going to change puppy to a new kind of food wait a few days to 2 weeks and then do it gradually. Dry food has all that your puppy needs, and it is healthier for his teeth than moist. Follow the package directions for amount to feed per weight. If he isn’t eating try 1 teaspoon of cottage cheese, plain yogurt or canned puppy food mixed with dry food. If your worried and he isn’t eating after a day give Nutri-Cal Puppy (½”) on your finger he should lick it off. If he won’t gently place on the roof of his mouth. Remember he needs a little time getting use to his new home. If after one or two days and he hasn’t perked up or seems ill take him to your Vet right away (you should pick one before you buy a puppy). Keep him away from other pets if he seems ill. Follow all of your Vets instructions. Never feed your puppy people food, it is very harmfull! If you want to offer treats use only puppy treats and give no more than one or two a day. If you give too many treats he won’t eat his food.

6. Make sure water is available at all times.

7. Frequently take your puppy out to your preferred area for “potty breaks”. If he goes praise him “good potty“ (if you want to use a reward system try using one Captain Crunch peanut butter cereal). If your puppy goes in an area you don’t want him to use, pick him up and take him to the correct spot and say “potty”. Never punish him for accidents, he will not understand. Best times to take out is first thing in the morning, after eating and napping. Also give him play time out doors, this seems to make “potty” time go faster. It can take up to 10 minutes for small puppies to have a bowel movement be patient. Full potty training can take up to a year.

8. His crate is a great place for puppy to sleep and nap. Keep it cozy with a small towel or blanket. Start your crate training now if you wish, if you close the door make sure you have a filled water container attached inside. A puppy play yard can be bought and put around the bed or crate; food, water and toys will all fit inside. This will give your puppy a safe area to be in when you can’t be there. Make sure your have puppy proofed your home before puppy is due to arrive. He will chew electric cords, and other unsafe objects. Puppies are not toys! Please do not let children treat them as such!

9. Go to your Vet, make sure to keep your puppy current on all shots and vaccinations! He will arrive with them all current. DO NOT GET DUPLICATE SHOTS! 

10. Brush your puppy daily or every other day.  Brush his teeth. (Get your choice of products from pet supply store.)  You can carefully give your puppy a weekly bath, making sure water doesnt get in his nose or eyes.  Every six - seven weeks take him to your groomer, for nail trimming, trimmed around his eyes and clipping around the pads of feet.  Ask your groomer what else you should watch for at home, like matting in arm pits or hair in ears.   

Enjoy your new family member, we are always available by phone or E-mail should you have any questions.

Jane E. John
902 W John Lane
Safford, Arizona 85546
Cell: (928) 965-4396


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