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5 Weeks - Male
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200622-1M SUSHI
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Reserve me now! $250.00
For more information on our deposit policy using PayPal, please click here. For more information or questions please contact us.
Birthday: Jun 22, 2020
(Age: 1 months, 11 days)
Age: 5 Weeks
Weight: 2 Lbs. 1 OZ
Color: Black & White
Sex: Male
Size: 5 to 7 Lbs.

I was born in the evening of 06-22-20. My birth weight was 6.2 OZ. I am a male; black with white on my chest and some of my paws. My tail is docked and dews clipped. I will go to the groomers and I will have my 1st vaccination. I should be ready for my new home around the 4rd weekend of August, 2020. I come with a gift bag including: blanket (with the litters scent), toys, food sample, vaccination record & instruction sheet. Health guarantee. Born and raised in our home with love. Held every day, you can pick my name and I will be called by it. Watch me grow on the website. $250 deposit to reserve me and balance of $700 is due in cash when you receive me.  FREE delivery to Gilbert, AZ; Willcox, AZ. or Phoenix Sky Harbor airport: only if you are flying in; NO cargo shipping. Free delivery is when we are able and at our convenience, one delivery per area - per litter. We will start potty training & doggie door training weather permitting. Hypo allergenic & non-shedding. 7-6-20 I have opened my eyes. I am starting to move around.  7-14-20 Mom is taking very good care of me. I do not need to move much, if I whine or cry she is right there and nurses me again. I can walk, I just do not very ofter. Yesterday I crawled in her food bowl. I am very fluffy in my tummy area. 7-20-20 I growl and talk to  my Mom when I what to nurse. I  walk around and starting to play. I did not want to have my picture taken.  7-27-20 I cut 4 teeth this week all at once. I am very vocal. I bark and growl often. I am being weaned from Mom. Granny camera has trouble we hope pictures will come later. (MY NEW HOME WILL BE IN PHOENIX, AZ.)


Status: Reserved
Price: $950.00
Deposit: $250.00
Mother Father
"Princess Jezziebelle"
"Jetts Jetson"
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